Sacramento Couples Therapist Recommends 3 Romantic Getaways

When it comes to romantic getaways Sacramento area, we have three ideal romantic couple solutions for you. Every couple needs to rekindle their love and it’s not always easy to get away from our regular day-to-day lives. Luckily for us, Sacramento offers beautiful romantic venues so you won’t need to travel far to spend one-on-one time with your partner. 

#1 — Head Out to Wine Country!

It’s no surprise that Sacramento is home to great wine and wine country features dozens of delicious wineries. Heading out to Wine Country can be a fun way to focus on your partnership while letting loose. Nothing like a great glass of wine to help you unwind and forget about the stress and business of normal life. 

We recommend vising Amador Wine if you want a winery with events. Everything from a Holiday Wreath Workshop to Oysters & Bubbles night can be found at this winery. Another excellent winery choice is Sutter Creek. This winery offers free tours and a tasting room as well as partnerships with nearby wineries. The small town has a cute outlaw feel and wandering around the area would be a great adventure day. 

#2 — Visit Gold Country, CA

Gold Country is right outside of Sacramento and is the site of the first gold discovery at Sutter’s Mill. The Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park is a good place to start your romantic adventure. Although the gold rush is long over, there is still gold in the hills and some people are continuing to search for it. Gold Rush-era shops, buildings, caverns, and museums are available in the area. This is a great weekend getaway because there is so much to see and do. Before you leave craft an itinerary of your stay or take the scenic route and explore once you arrive!

#3 — Staycation with a Romantic Twist

Another favorite for couples is the staycation. At first, it might sound boring to stay at home and attempt to make things romantic, but there are a couple of ways you can elevate your staycation to a romantic rendezvous. With Covid still looming, this is also the safest option. Take these steps in order to turn a regular old weekend into a romantic one. 

Set aside at least one day where you will do nothing but spend time together (no chores, no work, etc.). Sleep in as long as you like. Have a leisurely breakfast, with some nice Bach cello playing in the background. Turn on the aroma therapy diffuser (think lavendar, sandalwood, ylang ylang, clary sage). While you will stay at home the whole day, plan one midday outing to get some exercise together. Depending on your fitness level, it could be anything from a nice stroll through Land Park or a vigorous bike ride along the American river

Enjoy your romantic vacation with your lover at these Sacramento romantic hotel and getaway places. If you want to build upon your relationship with your partner, seeking counseling with a licensed professional therapist can help you grow together. Sacramento couples cousenling can often be an ideal way to bring you back to your partner and create a sense of togetherness. Then it’s back home. Now food! If you like to cook, consider cooking up a gourmet meal together. Or if you want to be lazy and relax, order in! There are so many amazing restaurants in the area. Pick your favorite one and have the food delivered straight to you!

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