Somatic Therapy

Unlock the Body’s Wisdom

“Why can’t I figure it out?”


Because it’s not in your head! It’s in your body. Most of the things that cause us suffering come from our earliest days. Back then, we didn’t have words, or memory, or control. Our brain was forming. But the body remembers, and it holds the key to healing and recovery. 

Combining body and mind is a powerful way to: 

What is Somatic Therapy?


Somatic Therapy (Somatic Psychology) uses the powerful link between body and mind. You are more than your thoughts! If you think about it, your brain is another part of your body. Much of how we experience the world, ourselves, and our relationships is through our physicality. Somatic Therapy brings the body into treatment. It’s important to realize much of what influences our experience is unconscious. This is below thought. Adding the body into psychotherapy allows us to include that otherwise unreachable material.  

What Can Somatic Therapy in Pasadena, CA Treat?


What Happens in a Somatic Therapy Session?


Somatic Psychotherapy sessions can appear as regular therapy sessions. Here, you can address things that are on your mind or problems you’re experiencing. But, instead of talking about your problems, our team finds ways to explore those issues in a physical way as well. Through body awareness, mindfulness, breath, and movement, the work becomes more experiential.

Image of the Vitruvian Man for Body Mind Psych. This could represent the importance of connecting with the body. We offer somatic therapy in Pasadena, CA. Somatic experiencing in Sacramento, CA can help you feel more in tune with yourself. Contact a somatic therapist in Pasadena, CA for more information! 91101 | 90026 | 90042 | 90065
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Release the Grip of the Past

Listening to the messages of your body can lead us down the path of healing and growth.

Life Can Be Satisfying

Experience true and deep fulfillment.

Increase Intuition and Confidence

Trusting the messages of your body helps you tap into a brand new way of knowing and being.

Move Without Pain or Discomfort

Learn simple ways to ease chronic pain syndromes and disorders.

A woman sits on a matt while meditating. This could symbolize how mindfulness can help treat anxiety symptoms. Contact an anxiety therapist for info on anxiety treatment in Sacramento, CA. We would be happy to provide panic attack treatment and other services to support you! 91101 | 95814 | 95688 | 95765

Begin Somatic Therapy in Pasadena, CA!


You deserve to feel more in touch with your body. Our caring therapists can help you accomplish this through somatic therapy from our Pasadena, CA location. To start, follow these simple steps:

1. Reach Out!

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2. Let’s Get to Work

Our caring therapists use the most current and effective treatment from the fields of somatic psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience. We listen to and follow the wisdom of your body.

3. Live Your Beautiful Life!

You emerge, free to live a life filled with meaning, satisfaction, and joy.


Other Services Offered by California Integrative Therapy

Somatic therapy isn’t the only service we offer at our California-based therapy officeOther services offered at our Pasadena, CA location include depression treatment, individual therapy, and anxiety treatment. We also offer couples therapy and marriage counseling, trauma therapy, affair recovery, and group therapy. We also serve all of California via online therapy. For any other questions, please visit our FAQ page!

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