Affair Recovery

Increase your chances of staying together

“I will never trust you again!”


When someone cheats, the entire fabric of your relationship can unravel. Trust, connection, and intimacy are shattered.   

Only 50% of all relationships that experience infidelity will survive. 
Without help, you risk a lot of problems including: 


Affair Recovery is possible!


As a couples therapist in Pasadena, CAI work with the aftermath of infidelity every day. Surprisingly, 30-40% of all marriages will experience infidelity at some point. Only half will make it. But you can increase your chances!  

You do not need to walk through this difficult time alone. Couples therapy working towards affair recovery can make a big difference. Putting back the pieces of your relationship is very hard and delicate work. Why not have a therapist who has helped many others show you the way?  

What causes infidelity?


Many things can lead to infidelity:

  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Big Changes (new home, job, children)
  • History of Abuse or Neglect
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Lack of Communication
  • Disorganized Attachment
  • Substance Abuse
  • Family of Origin Issues

What happens when someone cheats?


When infidelity happens, each partner can experience a wide range of things:

The Betrayed Partner:

  • Inability to trust, and not just your partner
  • Disorientation
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Rage
  • Substance Abuse
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Mood Instability, Episodes of Intense Fear, Rage and Sadness

The Unfaithful Partner:

What increases the chances of surviving infidelity?


How you both handle the immediate aftermath of infidelity will decide if your relationship survives. There is a strong urge to fight, get even, avoid, and hide. But, with the support of affair recovery counseling, you can avoid some of these pitfalls. Together, you can turn things around in a quick and effective way

Additionally, here is a list of actions that could save your relationship: 

  • Be willing to be very honest and transparent
  • Take care of yourself. This includes prioritizing your sleep, nutrition, exercise, spiritual practice, and social life
  • Talk with family and friends if you both agree to do so
  • Be willing to forgive yourself and your partner
  • Understand your part in the betrayal, and how did you get here
  • Stay focused. Don’t avoid the pain, keep your feet in the fire

When to call it quits?


Some relationships will not survive infidelity. No matter how much time and effort you put into it, some relationships should end. If you are experiencing domestic violence or emotional abuse of any kind, it might be time to leave for good. This also goes for if your partner is a serial cheater, or if you feel scared for yourself or your kids. Knowing if this is the case can be very hard. This is where working with a caring therapist can help

A couple sit on a park bench next to a lake facing away from one another. This could represent the pain of affair recovery. Learn more about affair recovery in Sacramento, CA or affair recovery in Pasadena, CA from an affair recovery therapist in Sacramento, CA. Affair recovery counseling can help your relationship survive & thrive. 95814 | 95688 | 95765
A woman holds her hand up to stop her partner from talking. Affair recovery in Sacramento, CA can help your relationship thrive after infidelity. Learn more from an infidelity recovery in Pasadena, CA and other services. 95814 | 95688 | 95765
A man hides his face in his hands as his partner watches. Affair recovery in Pasadena, CA can help your relationship recover after an affair. Learn more from an affair recovery therapist in Sacramento, CA for more information. 95814 | 95688 | 95765
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A couple smile at one another as they embrace. This could represent how affair recovery can help relationships thrive after infidelity. Learn more about infidelity recovery in Pasadena, CA and affair recovery in Sacramento, CA and other services. 95814 | 95688 | 95765
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