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Life doesn’t have to be so hard. You have all the answers inside you. You might just need a little help.

A tightrope walker balances against a cloudy sky. This could represent the fears a trauma therapist in Sacramento, CA can help you address. Contact us to learn about therapy in Pasadena, CA and other services. An online therapist in California would be happy to support you! 95624 | 95687 | 95762

Therapy Options

Individual Therapy in pasadena

Unlock your true potential and live the life you deserve to live.

Couples Therapy in pasadena

Improve communication, connection, and intimacy. Build trust, overcome betrayal and infidelity. Learn to listen deeply and love fully.

Trauma Therapy in pasadena

Finally, heal the wounds of the past. Loosen the grip of difficult experiences. Live without fear.

Somatic Therapy in pasadena

Many of our issues are beyond words. Talk therapy often misses the mark. Learn to connect to your deeper self, and take advantage of your body’s wisdom.

Anxiety Treatment in pasadena

Learn how to live a calm and peaceful life. Stop panic attacks fast. Finally, live a life free from fear and worry.

Group Therapy in pasadena

We heal in a relationship. Discover the powerful connection only found in groups! Build empathy. Find out you’re not alone.

An image of a sprout pushing through the dirt. This symbolizes how therapy in Pasadena, CA provides support for residents of CA. Contact an in person or online therapist in California or search "trauma therapist near me" for more info!

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1. Schedule your Consultation 

You can call us now (626-657-0430) or hit the button below. Our Intake Coordinator will meet with you briefly to determine which of our therapists might be a good fit for you and set up a free 15-minute online consultation.  


2. pick your therapist 

Once you have decided which therapist you want to work with, you can simply schedule your first session with them from the convenience of your client portal.  


3. Live the Life You Were Meant to Live!

We will help old wounds heal, improve relationships, and ease your fear and depression. You will discover what it’s like to live an easier and more fulfilled life.

Free Tool

Mental Health Toolkit

Each week over the next five weeks, you’ll receive simple yet powerful ways to feel better right now.

Happy woman smiles at her laptop. This could represent meeting with an in-person or online therapist in California. Contact a therapist in Pasadena, CA for support with affair recovery, online depression therapy, and other services.

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Services Offered at California Integrative Therapy 

We offer a variety of services at our Pasadena therapy clinic conveniently located on Marengo Avenue between Del Mar and California. We understand it can be difficult to make in-person appointments. So, we also offer online therapy throughout California. Mental health services provided include anxiety therapydepression treatment, and trauma therapy. We also offer couples therapy and marriage counselingsomatic therapyaffair recovery, and group therapy. Feel free to view our FAQ page to learn more!

Free Tool

Mental Health Toolkit

Each week over the next five weeks, you’ll receive simple yet powerful ways to feel better right now.