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What is Online Therapy?

It’s just like regular therapy. But, you get to stay at home or work and meet with your therapist online via video conferencing. We’ve been doing it for years, but with COVID-19, online therapy became a necessity. And it’s here to stay! 

Online vs. In-Person Therapy?


One of the primary benefits of this form of therapy is convenience:

  • Avoid traffic, gas, and time
  • Save money on babysitters
  • Deal with busy schedules
  • Meet wherever you are located in the state of Califorina (work, car, vacation)

Does It Work?


Yes! Research has shown again and again that digital therapy can be as effective as meeting in person. Much of what you can do in the office, you can do online. In-person therapy can be more effective in certain situations. This may include working through trauma, severe depression, anxiety, and during times of crisis

How Does It Work?


When you schedule your appointment, you get to pick if you want to meet in person or online. If you select online, you’ll get a quick start guide that will walk you through all the technical stuff. If you’ve been Zooming during the pandemic, it’s the same. The guide will help you set up your home therapy room. This might involve changes in lighting, where to point camera or mic, and other important stuff

Online Therapy for Anxiety


Treatment for anxiety is very effective. And online therapy is well-suited for this purpose. Many of the things we do to help clients overcome anxiety can happen online. You learn about the brain, practice mindfulness, breathing, and vagus nerve stimulation exercises

Online Depression Therapy


Online treatment for depression consists of practicing new skills to overcome depression. These include mindfulness, and working through things from the past. All this is well-suited to an online setting.

Online Couples Therapy


Online couples therapy is powerful and convenient. You don’t even need to be in the same place. Lots of my couples struggle with scheduling, particularly if they travel a lot. This way, one can be at a conference, the other at home with the kids, and we can still meet.  

BetterHelp/Talkspace vs. Independent Therapist?


Telehealth has grown in popularity. As a result, several companies like BetterHelp and Talkspace are springing up to take advantage. In fact, they even offer text-based therapy through email and SMS. More expensive plans provide actual video therapy. In many situations, they’re great! Yet, there are two primary reasons to avoid them

1. They are not appropriate for deep, meaningful change, or crisis intervention. This includes dealing with difficult material, trauma, severe depression, or anxiety. In times like this, I would suggest avoiding big online therapy companies like these. 

2. Most therapists who work for these companies are new to the field and inexperienced. These companies provide great opportunities for them. But, most highly trained and seasoned therapists will not work for these companies

Bottom line: These telehealth subscription platforms can be helpful and convenient. But you get what you pay for.

A laptop screen lights up a dark room with a video call. This could represent online depression therapy in Sacramento, CA. Contact an online therapist for more information about online depression therapy and other services.
A woman sits on the ground next to her couch as she types on a laptop. This could represent online therapy in California. An online therapist can provide online anxiety therapy, online depression therapy, and other services.
A person gestures as they conduct a video call with an open book nearby. This could represent online therapy in California. Contact an online therapist in California for support with online anxiety therapy and other services.
A smiling woman sits in a coffee shop with laptop in lap. This could represent online therapy in California. An online therapist can help with online depression therapy and other services.
A woman sits at a desk against a blank wall as she types on her laptop. Contact an online therapist in California for support with online therapy wherever you are in the state!

Begin Online Therapy in California


Distance shouldn’t have to factor into your quality of mental health services. We would be happy to provide support from our Pasadena, CA, and Sacramento, CA locations. To start online therapy, follow these simple steps:



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Work with Chris, a caring therapist and address the issues affecting you.

3. Start Online Therapy

Start receiving support from the comfort of home! 

Other Services Offered by California Integrative Therapy


Online therapy isn’t the only service we offer at our California-based therapy office. Other services offered include depression therapy, couples therapy and marriage counseling, individual therapy, anxiety treatment, trauma therapy, somatic therapy, affair recovery, and group therapy. We offer services from our Pasadena, CA and Sacramento, CA locations. We also serve all of California via online therapy. For answers to any of your questions, feel free to visit the FAQ page!

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