Therapy in Sacramento, CA

Therapy in Sacramento, CA

California Integrative Therapy North is excited to serve the greater Sacramento area! We offer support from our office in Midtown Sacramento. Our convenient location is near all major freeways including the 5, 50, 80, and 99. We’re close to downtown Sacramento, Old Sacramento Waterfront, Tower Bridge, and Capitol Park. We are also near Land Park, Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park, and East Sacramento

Therapy for Anxiety in Sacramento, CA


Therapy for Anxiety in Sacramento, CA can help you live a life anxiety-free. We all suffer from bouts of fear and anxiety from time to time. And about 20% of all adults in the US suffer from an anxiety disorder. Yet only a fraction ever reach out for help. Anxiety is very common and very treatable. There is no need to suffer any longer. With the help of an Sacramento anxiety therapist, you can feel better! 

Depression Therapy in Sacramento, CA


Depression Therapy in Sacramento can help you overcome the devastating experience of depression. It’s important to realize that depression is normal. All mammals get depressed. It’s a sign that something in our life is either missing or toxic. Depression treatment can help you listen to your depression and make effective changes. Western medicine tends to treat depression like a headache. We often take a pill to mask the symptoms. But without paying attention, we are vulnerable to the repeated return of depression. You can start living the life you want to live with the support of mindfulness and other techniques. Learn more about Depression Therapy in Sacramento today!

Couples Therapy in Sacramento, CA


At California Integrative Therapy North, we offer many options for couples therapy in Sacramento, CA. You may be dating, married, considering marriage, or have an open relationship. Even if you are just friends, we can help! Human relationships are the most complex thing we know of in the universe. So, we all need help from time to time to make them work. We offer couples therapy, marriage counseling, premarital therapy, affair recovery, and more. You deserve to have the relationships you want, so don’t hesitate to reach out for Sacramento couples therapy today

Trauma Therapy in Sacramento, CA


Trauma therapy in Sacramento, CA can help treat the painful impact trauma has on our lives. When we encounter overwhelming experience, our primitive yet powerful survival mechanisms kick in. They immediately change our bodies and minds to ensure we will survive the moment. Yet, for many of us, these same survival systems leave a devastating wake of pain and illness. But you don’t have to live in that wake any longer. Treatment for trauma in Sacramento, CA can help you overcome all this. You don’t need to suffer any longer. A Sacramento trauma therapist can offer the support you deserve

What if I Don't Live in Sacramento, CA


No worries! In addition to in-person therapy in Sacramento, California Integrative Healing provides online therapy in all of California. Online therapy has been found to be just as effective as in-person treatment, and provides the added benefit of convenience. You can learn more about and schedule online therapy here

An image of the Sacramento Tower Bridge for California Integrative Therapy. Contact us to learn about anxiety treatment in Sacramento, CA, individual therapy for relationship issues, and other services. A trauma therapist can help you with therapy in Sacramento, CA can help you today! 95688 | 95765 | 95624
An image of a city skyline as the sun rises for California Integrative Therapy. Learn more about therapy in Sacramento, CA and the other services we offer. A trauma therapist in Sacramento, CA can address the issues that matter to you! 95835 | 95765 | 95747
Light shines through a thick forest canopy on a long road. This could represent the hope a trauma therapist in Sacramento, CA can provide. Contact us to learn how marriage counseling in Sacramento, CA can support you! Therapy in Sacramento, CA can help you reach a better tomorrow! 95630 | 95747 | 95628
A hand reaches for the rising sun over a body of water. This could represent overcoming past trauma with a trauma therapist in Pasadena, CA. Contact us for trauma therapy in Sacramento, CA, PTSD treatment in Pasadena, CA, and other services. 95630 | 95688 | 95765
A silhouette extends their arms as they watch the sunrise. This could represent overcoming trauma with a trauma therapist in Sacramento, CA. Contact us today to learn more about somatic experiencing in Pasadena, CA, PTSD treatment in Pasadena, CA, and other services. 95624 | 95688 | 95765

Begin Therapy in Sacramento, CA


Finding a therapist in Sacramento, CA can be the hard part. And we’d like to make the next step as easy as possible. We are happy to offer support from our Sacramento area therapy practice. To start, just follow these simple steps:



See which therapist would be the best fit for you by reading through the Our Team page. If you have questions, you can always connect with our Intake Coordinator who can help you make a choice. 


With our convenient online scheduling system, you can set up a free initial consultation. Or, go straight to scheduling your first full session. Just head over to our scheduling page when you’re ready. 

3. START Your THERAPY Journey

Start receiving the mental health support you deserve!

Other Services Offered by California Integrative Therapy


California Integrative Therapy provides many services at our Pasadena, CA/Los Angeles, CA, and Sacramento, CA locations. Services offered include depression therapy, couples therapy and marriage counseling, individual therapy, anxiety treatment, trauma therapy, somatic therapy, affair recovery, and group therapy. We also serve all of California via online therapy. For answers to any of your questions, feel free to visit the FAQ page!

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