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Such a great question!

And an important one. Research has shown us again and again, it’s not about their training or theoretical orientation. It’s 100% about how genuine, safe, comfortable, and kind they feel to you. Do you like them? This is a real relationship. So, the quality of the relationship is the key indicator of successful treatment. Just like a friendship, or any other relationship.

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Sessions are held in person in Pasadena, CA and Los Angeles, CA.

In addition to therapy in Pasadena, CA, we can see clients throughout the state of California with online therapy


A 50-minute session ranges between $150 and $300.

We have a wide range of therapists available, each with their own fee schedule. Some offer reduced rates at times. We are considered out of network providers by most insurance plans. Check with your provider to determine your coverage for out of netowkr mental healthcare providers. 



That means that if your session is scheduled at noon for Wednesday, you should cancel your session on the client portal no later than noon on Monday. If you cancel after that time, you will still need to pay for the entire session. 


There are several options.

Couples usually meet for two hours at a time. Individuals can meet for one or two hours. Groups last between 90 minutes and two hours. Initial sessions are often longer, up to three hours for couples and two for individuals


It varies for everyone

Factors include how often you come and what we are working on. Some clients only need to meet with a Pasadena therapist for a handful of sessions. But, others continue to find a benefit for several years,


At California Integrative Therapy, we work with all age groups. Some of our clinicians are experts in working with kids and teens, while others work with individuals and couples in mid-life and older.  


Click to Schedule a Consult and follow the directions.

One option is to set up a free consultation with your therapist, It can help get all your questions answered. We’ll work with you to select which service(s) might be the best fit for your situation.



We provide online therapy to clients all over California. Learn more about online therapy in California. 

A person holds a cup of tea while typing on a laptop. A Pasadena therapist and Sacramento therapist can offer support with therapy in Pasadena, CA and therapy in Sacramento, CA

It depends on what you want to work on

If you need trauma therapy, depression treatment, or treatment for anxiety, individual therapy might be best. When in doubt we always recommend couples therapy. Couples therapy is a very powerful way of doing our own work. Most of our problems have something to do with relationships. Thus, working through and healing that material in the relationship is very powerful. Couples also tend to come to therapy for shorter durations, as the work tends to be more intense and potent


This happens a lot!

In fact, Chris wrote a blog post about it: How To Talk to Your Partner About Couples Therapy. Sometimes a brief video consultation can really help. It’s also helpful if you both know what couples therapy is really like


We do not

Only those with a medical license (a psychiatrist or MD) can do that. We can make a referral if you like. Medication can make a huge difference, but we often consider it a last resort. Try depression treatment or treatment for anxiety first. Quite often with only a little support and skill-building, you can ease the worst of your symptoms. In fact, you may be able to avoid medication altogether.


Soma is the Greek word for body.

Somatic Therapy (Somatic Psychology) uses the powerful link between body and mind. You are more than your thoughts! If you think about it, your brain is another part of your body. Much of how we experience the world, ourselves, and our relationships is through our physicality. Somatic Therapy brings the body into treatment. It’s important to realize much of what influences our experience is unconscious. This is below thought. Adding the body into psychotherapy allows us to include that otherwise unreachable material.  Read more about Somatic Therapy in Pasadena.


Yes, and please do!

Many of our clients also come for group therapy. They may be coming for individual therapy, couples therapy, or another service. Combining group therapy with other modalities is one of the most powerful ways you can work. We highly recommend doing just that

A group of people hold hands in support of one another. This represents the support you will get from group therapy in Pasadena, CA or group therapy in Sacramento, CA can provide. Contact a Pasadena therapist for support with group therapy, what to expect from therapy, and more!

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