Couples Therapy with Dr. Tickner

Chris Tickner and Pasadena, CA and smiles brightly for the camera. He is an infidelity therapist in Pasadena, CA that offers affair recovery counseling. Contact him for support with affair recovery counseling in Pasadena, CA and other services.

At present, Dr. Tickner has very limited availability. After your initial consultation, it might be a matter of weeks to months before your first appointment. Alternatively, we have several other therapists who are currently accepting new clients. You can schedule consultations with them as well. Please discuss any concerns or questions you might have about scheduling and availability during your initial consultation with Dr. Tickner. Dr. Tickner can even help match you with another couples therapist. 

Working with Dr. Tickner

Thank you for your interest in doing couples therapy with Dr. Tickner. This page will walk you through the necessary steps to get started. 

1. Schedule a free consultation

In order to start working with Chris in Couples Therapy, you both will first need to attend a 15 minute meeting. During the consultation you will have a chance to ask questions and learn more about what to expect. 

2. Your First Session

After your initial consultation, you will have an opportunity to schedule your first full session. This first session is very important in the process, and as such lasts anywhere between two and four hours. During this session Dr. Tickner will do an extensive intake, with lots of questions, and even do a family tree for both of you. Session fees are $300 per 50 minutes. Initial sessions and most subsequent sessions will be a minimum of 100 minutes. 


What is PACT?

PACT – the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy, was created by Dr. Tickner’s teacher, Dr. Stan Tatkin. According to Stan, PACT “is a fusion of attachment theory, developmental neuroscience, and arousal regulation.” It is a profoundly powerful process that focuses on the present moment, and results in powerful and long lasting change. 

What happens in a PACT session?

PACT is a powerful approach. It is not your typical marriage counseling or relational therapy. It is dynamic, emotional, physical, playful, and at times, difficult.

You’ll be guided to focus on what is happening in the moment, how you appear to your partner, what your body, or their body, is doing. Your therapist will keep you focused on the here and now. 

You’ll do a lot of exercises that are designed to help you become aware of how you relate to each other and how material from your childhood finds its way into your relationship. 

PACT therapy is deep and fast. Couples often find they spend less total time in PACT than in other forms of couples work. It’s not unusual to come only for a handful of sessions. 

Sessions are longer than typical couples therapy. Initial sessions can last from two to four hours, and follow up sessions can be of similar lengths. 

You can learn more about what to expect in this recent blog post

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